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Top Italian Marble Dining Table Collection

CasaNova Furniture proudly presents an exclusive collection of Marble Dining Tables from renowned Italian designers, each piece a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship synonymous with Italian design.

This collection features the Milestone and Millennium Table by Gino Carollo, the Yol Sect and Oto Big by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, the Giano Keramik Premium by Paolo Cattelan and Manzoni e Tapinassi and lastly the Milos Table by Gabriele Ghetti.

Each table is a modern and unique design, that promises to make a statement in any dining space.

Millennium Dining Table

Designer: Gino Carollo
Brand: Arketipo
Design Philosophy: Hopeful Minimalism

Gino Carollo’s Millennium Table for Arketipo is a tribute to the turn of the millennium, embodying a new era of design that emphasizes simplicity and material contrast. The table pairs a marble top with wood, and its legs combine metal and marble, creating a harmonious interplay of textures. This design ideology is rooted in minimalism, yet it rewards simplicity by adding layers of sophistication. The Millennium Table is a functional work of art, perfect for various interior settings.

Key Features

  • Marble top paired with wood.
  • Legs combining metal and marble.
  • Reflects minimalist yet sophisticated design.

Yol Sect Marble Dining Table

Designer: Oscar and Gabriele Buratti
Brand: Gallotti & Radice
Design Philosophy: Modern Elegance

The Yol Sect Dining Table from Gallotti&Radice, crafted by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, showcases meticulous attention to detail and modern sophistication. The table features a top divided into four sections with a semi-recessed rotating tempered glass plate, adding functionality to its sleek design. The wooden base, covered in tempered glass, offers a seamless blend of materials that exudes luxury. Ideal for contemporary dining spaces, the Yol Sect combines style and durability, making it a timeless addition to any home.

Key Features

  • Divided top with a rotating tempered glass plate.
  • Wooden base covered by tempered glass.
  • Available in various material combinations.

Oto Big Dining Table

Designer: Oscar and Gabriele Buratti
Brand: Gallotti & Radice
Design Philosophy: Opulent Grandeur

The Oto Big Table is the epitome of glamour, featuring a brass-plated base that supports a magnificent marble column and top. Inspired by the opulent architecture of Italy’s historic palazzos, this table is available in polished Bianco Carrara Gioia or honed Nero Marquinia marble. The optional rotating plate enhances its functionality while maintaining its luxurious appeal. Perfect for making a dramatic statement in any dining room, the Oto Big Table is a masterpiece of contemporary furniture design

Key Features

  • Brass-plated base and marble column.
  • Available in Bianco Carrara Gioia or Nero Marquinia marble.
  • Optional rotating plate for added functionality.

Milos Marble Top Dining Table

Brand: Gamma
Design Philosophy: Inimitable Charm

Gamma's Milos Table is a testament to the brand’s exceptional leather craftsmanship and sartorial expertise. The table features bases in curved wood clad in leather, with a variety of metal plate finishes. The top options include back lacquered glass, ceramic, and marble, offering customization to suit different tastes. The optional Lazy Susan revolving tray adds a practical element to this elegant table, making it perfect for both formal and casual dining settings.

Key Features

  • Leather-clad curved wood bases.
  • Customizable tops in glass, ceramic, or marble.
  • Optional Lazy Susan for enhanced functionality.

Milestone Table by Gino Carollo

Designer: Gino Carollo
Brand: Arketipo
Design Philosophy: Embracing Imperfection

Gino Carollo’s Milestone Table, designed for Arketipo Firenze, is a celebration of imperfection. This table challenges conventional aesthetics by breaking down marble to form a design that is both striking and imperfectly perfect. The angular silhouettes and geometric disruptions create a visual symphony that defies traditional norms. Available in various sizes, with a base in micaceous brown or titanium painted metal and a top in multiple marble finishes, the Milestone Table is a bold statement piece that redefines dining elegance.

Key Features

  • Unique broken marble design.
  • Bases available in micaceous brown or titanium painted metal.
  • Various marble finishes for the tabletop.

Giano Dining Table Collection

Designer: Paolo Cattelan and Manzoni e Tapinassi
Brand: Cattelan Italia
Design Philosophy: Minimalist Brilliance

The Giano Keramik Premium Table from Cattelan Italia is a modern marvel that infuses minimalist design with artistic flair. The table's ceramic top, available in a range of captivating finishes, rests on a round steel base with a precise slot that adds a whimsical touch. This table is available in various shapes and sizes, including the distinctive Giano CrystalArt with a decorative print. The Giano Keramik Premium’s versatility and simplicity make it a standout piece in contemporary interiors.

Key Features

  • Ceramic top in various finishes.
  • Round steel base with a unique slot design.
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Our exclusive collection of marble dining tables brings the finest of Italian design to Dubai. Each piece is a blend of innovation, luxury, and functionality, crafted to transform dining spaces into elegant settings. This collection offers something extraordinary for every discerning taste.

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