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Abaco Contemporary Chest of Drawers

Abaco offers an articulated set of storage units for the night zone characterized by original vertical inserts in coloured lacquer or wood. The signs that indicate the opening sometimes are decided with the use of contrasting colours, sometimes become soft play of shadows characterized by the tone-on-tone materiality.

With the Abaco storage unit collection you can create dedicated containing volumes, combining elements with variable widths in order to satisfy the different functional needs: like the separation between linen and knitwear. The visual interval is guaranteed by the vertical groove which defines the side opening of the drawers, customizable with a contrasting colour or in matching colour with the fronts.

The particular 45o joint between fronts, side panels and the thin top. In a perfect formal coherence, the handle follows the same inclination. Fronts and side panels are marked by the vertical grains of the veneer: this creates a nicevisual effect of continuity along the perimeter.

Finiture / Finishes

Frassinato Bianco materico / Bianco melamine ash effect
Frassinato Canapa materico / Canapa melamine ash effect
Laccato opaco colori a campionario / Matt lacquer colours of our sample collection
Laccato lucido colori a campionario / Gloss lacquer colours of our sample collection
Laccato Frassinato colori a campionario / Ash effect lacquer colours of our sample collection
Impiallacciato Rovere Brown / Brown Oak veneer
Impiallacciato Rovere Grigio / Grigio Oak veneer
Impiallacciato Rovere Cenere / Cenere Oak veneer
Impiallacciato Rovere termotrattato / Termotrattato Oak veneer

  • Bedside unit with 1 drawer

    H 290 L / W 600 P / D 450
    H 290 L / W 750 P / D 45

    Bedside unit with 2 drawers

    H 370 L / W 450 P / D 450
    H 370 L / W 600 P / D 450
    H 450 L / W 450 P / D 450
    H 450 L / W 600 P / D 450

    Bedside unit with 3 drawers

    H 535 L / W 450 P / D 450

    Vertical storage units with 5 drawers

    H 1112 L / W 450 P / D 450
    H 1112 L / W 600 P / D 450
    H 1112 L / W 750 P / D 450

    Vertical storage units with 6 drawers

    H 700 L / W 1380 P / D 537
    H 700 L / W 1530 P / D 537
    H 780 L / W 1380 P / D 537
    H 780 L / W 1530 P / D 537


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Celebrating half a century of excellence, Sangiacomo stands as a beacon of innovation and design from the heart of northeast Italy. Founded in 1968, this internationally acclaimed furniture company has thrived on courage, creativity, and passion, establishing a legacy defined by quality and value across Europe.

Specializing in modern-style furnishings, Sangiacomo crafts iconic tables, chairs, beds, wall units, and home accessories with meticulous attention to detail and a discerning selection of materials. Beyond enhancing modern homes, their creations seamlessly blend style and practicality, simplifying daily lives.

Sangiacomo's success is rooted in continuous market research and unwavering commitment to product quality. With a workforce of over two hundred skilled professionals, the company ensures no detail is overlooked, offering easy customization to meet individual preferences. From shape to style and finish, Sangiacomo's dedicated team guarantees the highest quality and enduring durability, solidifying its stellar reputation in the realm of Italian furnishing systems.