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Aksel Writing Desk

Design: Meneghello Paolelli

Writing desk in canaletta walnut with a drawer that can be positioned on the right side (as per drawing) or on the left side upon request when placing the order. The top is divided into two parts that are clearly separated by a gap: the main desk top in canaletta walnut with solid edge and a back part in canaletta walnut, marble or covered by leather Plus. It is possible to insert an oval pencil tray and a round holder in Bronzoro lacquered Baydur® rigid polyurethane in the gap between the tops.


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At the core of Porada's essence is the artful transformation of wood into timeless beauty, a tradition upheld since its establishment in 1968 by Luigi Allievi. Born from a deep love for solid wood and the craftsmanship that transforms a log into a work of art, Porada's origins trace back to the passion that began shaping chairs in 1948 and expanded its vision over the years.

For more than seven decades, Porada's products have adorned homes worldwide, a testament to the harmonious fusion of contemporary inspirations and age-old artisanal skills. The designs emanate the essence of 'Made in Italy,' proudly upholding the guarantee of high-quality craftsmanship. Each piece is a manifestation of Porada's commitment to excellence, where the natural beauty of wood meets the expertise of skilled craftsmen, creating furnishings that stand as both functional and artistic expressions of enduring elegance.