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Alicudi Sofa

Taking its name from the island of Erica (heather), which is dominated by Mount Filo dell’Arpa (local dialect for ‘Buzzard’), Alicudi has a seamless backrest with headrests and armrests that sit on its base like the island does on the water. The armrests together with the backrest create an embracing motif that enhances the concept of welcoming. On a functional level, the tilting backrest allows the depth of the seat to be adjusted – reflecting the island’s beaches, which move forward and backward depending on the currents of the sea. The decidedly contemporary style of this model is underlined by the presence of slender feet available in different colours. The covers are available in leather, fabric and microfibre. The Alicudi _2 tilting sofa has completely removable covers, except for the fixed versions. The padding is in polyurethane foam covered with a polyester flap. The inner part of the armrests is in polyester fibre. The springs are ensured by woven elastic belts and the supporting structure is in wood.

  • Structure: pinewood, multilayer and plywood covered with 100% polyester padding, additionally wrapped with thermo-bonded textile fabric coupled with cloth. Backrests rest on a metal mechanism*.
    Spring system: elastic webbing
    Seat Padding: seat cushions in ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding.
    Back Padding: backrests and headrests in ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding.
    Arm Interior: armrests in ecological polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding; armrest inside cushions in fiber (synthetic fiberfill).
    Mechanisms: the model is equipped with backrests that can be manually adjusted, so that the seat depth can be increased by 42 cm. The total depth of the model with backrests positioned outward is 144 cm. Standard feet: metal PM2173 h. 15 cm with matt black finish, also available with shiny and Graubraun finish. Some versions may be equipped with hidden feet with a supporting structural function. Optional feet: antique bronze metal PM2188, h. 15 cm, also available in shiny metal.


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Calia Italia

Founded in 1965 by Liborio Vincenzo Calia, Calia Italia began as a solo venture specializing in sofa manufacturing, later evolving into the core of Calia Italia. Liborio's sons, Giuseppe and Saverio Calia, have assumed leadership roles, steering the company's trajectory.

Situated in the distinctive Matera, home to the ancient "Sassi" neighborhoods, specializing in the design, manufacture, and global export of leather and fabric sofas and chairs, Calia Italia is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unparalleled comfort.

Calia Italia places great emphasis on family values, human resources, and the rich cultural traditions of the territory. With a focus on nurturing young talents, fostering dreams, and introducing innovation, the brand strives to make beauty and quality accessible to all. Utilizing only real leather, Calia Italia guarantees natural beauty and a commitment to sustainability in its product offerings. 

Calia Italia's identity centers on quality, comfort, and sustainability, making it a preferred choice for those seeking furniture that not only looks appealing but also aligns with principles of environmental responsibility and exceptional comfort.