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AMSTERDAM Keramik Sideboard

Design: Tosca Design

The Amsterdam Keramik model is a sophisticated wooden sideboard that combines two, alternating finishes on the doors. Vertical slats of varying sizes lend rhythm to the composition by alternating light and dark, like the keys on a piano.

The entire frame has a metallic finish, with ceramic inserts fitted into the doors, which project outwards and lend dynamism to the design.

The most eye-catching detail is provided by the steel feet made up of two parallel curved plates. They add to the chiaroscuro effect and also soften the predominantly rigid geometry of the design.

This designer sideboard is a charming piece of furniture that adds personality to a modern living room. Thanks to the combination of industrial-inspired finishes and marble-effect ceramics, it preserves a classic and refined appeal despite being a modern design.

For a warmer effect, the Amsterdam model is available with a hand-brushed frame and fine wood inlays. Both models are made with either 2, 3 or 4 doors to cater for any environment.

  • Dimensions:

    147x46x79h - 2
    220x46x79h - 3
    294x46x79h - 4

    Sideboard 2, 3 or 4 doors with structure in titanium (M11) lacquered wood. Doors in titanium (M11) lacquered wood with Marmi Colosseo (KM21) ceramic inserts. Feet in titanium (GFM11) or bronze (GFM18) embossed lacquered steel. Top in Marmi Colosseo (KM21) ceramic. Internal shelves in clear glass. Optional: internal drawer in each door.


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Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia has been unveiling Italian elegance worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on homes with its legacy of innovation and design. Founded by Giorgia and Silvia Cattelan, this influential Italian furniture brand has been a pioneer in producing cutting-edge dining tables, luxurious sideboards, and an array of designer furniture that reflects the essence of Made in Italy.

Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan's vision to enhance homes with modern furnishings took shape in 1979, and today, their son Paolo Cattelan continues to lead the company with the same innovative and sophisticated style. Cattelan Italia is renowned for its creation of beautiful Italian modern furniture, lighting, and home decor that serve as captivating focal points. Collaborating with esteemed designers such as Gastone Rinaldi, Yoshino, and Emilio Nanni, the brand has earned numerous awards, solidifying its global reputation.

The extensive collection by Cattelan Italia encompasses distinctive dining tables, chairs, beds, sideboards, bookshelves, light fixtures, mirrors, and coat racks. Each piece reflects grandeur with incredible attention to detail, showcasing the brand's commitment to aesthetics, practicality, and functionality. Cattelan Italia stands at the intersection of contemporary design and traditional Italian craftsmanship, making it a top-tier choice for discerning homeowners and interior designers who seek quality and innovation in every piece of furniture.