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Butterfly bed from Italian manufacturer Angelo Cappellini. The double model is made in art Deco style. Legs and frame made of beech wood. Wide quilted headboard upholstered with a soft textile or leather upholstery.
  • Dimensions/weight: width (w): 366 cm, depth (d): 232 cm, height (h): 110 cm, seat height: 53 cm, width (w): 394 cm, depth (d): 242 cm, height (h): 110 cm, seat height: 53 cm, width (w): 394 cm, depth (d): 237 cm, height (h): 110 cm, seat height: 53 cm Details: frame: beech upholstery: textile fabric tips: metal upholstery: leather headboard: quilted Ø


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Opera Contemporary

Opera Contemporary's legacy is intertwined with the narrative of a visionary family, rooted in woodworking since 1886. Originating as a small crafts workshop producing high-quality objects, the journey evolved with the establishment of Angelo Cappellini, a leading name in international classic furnishings. In 2010, Opera Contemporary emerged as a brand, driven by a visionary goal to create habitat settings attuned to contemporary lifestyles, marrying meticulous detailing with master craftsmanship.

Grounded in the tradition of handcrafted woodwork, Opera Contemporary engages in constant research on styling, materials, and fabrics, offering a unique, elegant approach that weaves captivating narratives. While upholding a commitment to fine craftsmanship, the brand seamlessly integrates modern machinery with the expertise of master craftsmen, enhancing efficiency and infusing collections with a distinctive, vibrant identity.

Opera Contemporary's authoritative stylistic language showcases extensive range of finishes and fabrics allows for infinite coordination possibilities, forming an "expandable collection" tailored to high-end interior decoration in both public and private spaces. This versatile approach caters to a diverse clientele, meeting varied tastes and aesthetic sensibilities with a commitment to excellence that spans over a century.