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Colla Sofa

The comfort sofa that's all about you

Colla creates an oasis of cosiness in your interior. With delightful corners as a trademark, this sofa is perfect for sharing or for claiming it all for yourself.

The power of simplicity

Colla is a design by Dutch designer Susanne de Graef and has a sleek, graphic look. Its simple yet powerful silhouette makes this sofa the perfect standalone eye-catcher in your interior.

Love seat or stretched out

Colla is available as a loveseat or sofa, where you can choose from a 2, 2.5, or 3-seater sofa. Of course, we also have a nice footstool for extra comfort. For the upholstery, you can choose from all fabrics from the Pode collection. You can also have your Colla's legs finished in a beautiful lacquer or epoxy color.

Luxury furniture collections made in the Netherlands by Pode.

  • 2-seater
    178 cm wide / 91 cm deep / 76 cm high
    203 cm wide / 91 cm deep / 76 cm high
    228 cm wide / 91 cm deep / 76 cm high
    Love seat
    153 cm wide / 91 cm deep / 76 cm high
    85 cm wide / 57 cm deep / 39 cm high


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Pode's commitment to quality is an extension of its 'mother ship,' Leolux, renowned for crafting high-quality design furniture. Each Pode product bears the imprint of decades of experience, ensuring a timeless and enduring appeal. The brand's philosophy extends beyond assembling collections; it strives to inspire customers to explore and define their unique style.

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