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Diamond Sofa

A Seating system that, thanks to a multitude of elements with different features, offers solutions for all the ways of living the sofa, giving it a dynamic character and a strong aesthetic personality The elegant metal decor characterizes the Diamond sofa. This detail of great preciousness denotes savoir-faire and strong creative sense combined with the highest craftsmanship and to a deep knowledge of new technologies.

    • Frame in solid wood and plywood.
    • Feet, decors of the exterior back and sides, and side shelf in chromed metal (finishes as from catalogue).
    • Shelf top in painted glass, or bronzed or smoked mirror.
    • Steel springs and elastic belts for the structure below the seats.
    • Goose feather seats.
    • Back cushions in goose feather and fiber ball.
    • Fixed upholstery for the structure (not removable).


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Siwa Soft Style: Crafting Distinctive Upholstered Furniture Since 2007

Founded in 2007 by Zandarin, an Italian furniture firm, Siwa Soft Style specializes in sofas and armchairs. Silvano, the owner, hails from a family legacy in sofa production dating back to the 1940s. In 1992, Silvano established his company, Zandarin, which evolved into Siwa Soft Style.

Beginning with local distribution, the brand expanded internationally, offering classical Italian-style productions. Adapting to diverse tastes, Siwa Soft Style introduced glamorous collections and embraced a contemporary lifestyle concept. Collaborating with architectural firms in Milan, Paris, and London, the brand birthed distinctive collections like Premium and Jetset Life Style, culminating in the latest contemporary addition, High End Design.

Siwa Soft Style allows customers to personalize each model, selecting from a variety of fabric collections in collaboration with esteemed textile companies. The brand's commitment to detail, customization, and comfort is evident in its artisanal approach, intricate construction techniques, and material selection, ensuring reliability and durability. Siwa Soft Style stands as a testament to passion, innovation, and the creation of exclusive upholstered furniture solutions.