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Diletto Bed

The H 150mm base has a 300mm filler panel in the part behind the front and below the bed to facilitate using the drawers. It can be placed next to the bed or completed with differently sized boiserie panels. It also comes with integrated illumination that highlights the suspended surround detached from the wall. The arrangement can include 352mm deep stand-on drawer sets or open units, to coordinate with the Domino shelf system. The bed has a recessed rear leg and a suitably sized frame that integrates perfectly with the overall project.

Dorian bed with transparent methacrylate legs and Memphis 05 removable fabric upholstery, roller cushions in Nube 19 vintage eco-leather, coordinated with a Diletto platform and H 600mm boiserie paneling with Rovere Carbone finish and illumination on four sides. Shelves with Domino Fumè glass tray and stand-on, Visone matt lacquered set of drawers L 450 x D 352 x H 300 mm.

The boiserie comprises modular panels that align perfectly with Domino drawer sets. These images show the Febo 3.0 bed, upholstered with non-removable Grigio vintage leather, with methacrylate legs. Diletto platform, Domino drawer set and H 450mm, Ferro matt lacquered boiserie with LED lighting on two sides. Brown lacquered, stand-on drawer set L600xD352xH225mm, on the right, Carbone Oak open element with Bronzo interior L 450 x D 352 x H 225mm.

The boiserie panels above the platform act as a backdrop against which the soft cozy shape of the bed stands out. These images show a Dorian Plano bed with transparent methacrylate legs and removable upholstery in Gong 38 fabric. Vi- sone lacquered Diletto platform with boi- series comprising spaced panels that filter illumination by the LED lights set into the edge, creating a stunning visual effect. Piombo lacquered, stand-on set of drawers L450xD352xH300mm.

Pure geometric lines and soft volumes for a highly effective, extremely simple position. The back of the elements can be finished so that the bed can be placed in the center of the room. The images show a Gaston Plano bed with methacrylate legs, removable upholstery in Gong fabric (Gong 08 ), and Vintage Creta leather- roller cushions. Anthracite matt lacquered Diletto platform and Avio matt lacquered stand-on set of drawers L 450 x D 352 x H 300mm.


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