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Feel Good Sofa

The sofa is shaped by sinuous modern lines and generous padding. The wood sides take the design to the next level. With plenty of module options and an extensive range of leather, imitation leather, and fabric covers to choose from, creativity is given free rein.

  • (cm - inch) COD. L D H AH SH
    SO sofa 9291SF 300 - 118 100 - 39 1/2 84 - 33 63 - 24 3/4 43 - 17
    SO sofa 9291SF 275 - 108 100 - 39 1/2 84 - 33 63 - 24 3/4 43 - 17
    SO sofa 9291SF 250 - 98 1/2 100 - 39 1/2 84 - 33 63 - 24 3/4 43 - 17


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Costantini Pietro

With a legacy dating back to 1922, Costantini Pietro has been synonymous with stylish design and sophisticated modern furniture. Proudly bearing the 100% Made in Italy label, their product range reflects a commitment to meticulous design, material quality, and craftsmanship.

The Costantini collections, appreciated worldwide, cater to discerning customers who value contemporary design and refined style. Experimentation with unusual materials, combined with solid wood, has been a hallmark of Costantini's style from the beginning. The collaboration with designer Giorgio Soressi, the company's Art Director, has been pivotal in capturing the innovative, cosmopolitan spirit of Costantini and translating it into functional, high-end furniture. Their tables and chairs, known for their essential lines, seamlessly complement contemporary spaces and have gained global acclaim.

Giorgio Soressi's award-winning designs, recognized by the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD), bring imaginative forms tempered by refined sensibility to Costantini's collection. The furniture not only serves functional purposes in dining rooms, living rooms, and offices but also stands as sculptural art, combining function with distinctive style.