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Lol Armchair

Designed like a semi-closed flower, punctuated with large charactful zips and made the Arketipo way by manipulating colours and contrasts, LOL is an ode to chat language. Much like chat language, LOL is a design that is distinctly its own. Informal, fresh, young, this is not the kind of seat that would be traditionally found in a castle, but homes, every home changes with time. There are new ideas, new motivations, new ways to communicate, so why can't design replicate this as well, a new way to talk? It has, it's called LOL


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Arketipo Firenze, established in 1982, emerged from a passion for the quality of Florentine textile manufacturing, giving birth to upholstered furniture that seamlessly marries top-tier quality, meticulous attention to detail, and a vivid, timeless image. In 2011, Arketipo joined forces with Cattelan Italia, a global leader in furniture accessories.

Distinguished by an unwavering commitment to uniqueness, Arketipo serves a diverse consumer segment with impeccable taste, epitomizing bespoke creations. Lorenzo Cattelan emphasizes the brand's aspiration to make customers feel special, envisioning a clientele drawn to handmade products embodying the pinnacle of Florentine textile manufacturing.

Arketipo's hallmark lies in a high level of personalization, allowing diverse materials, including fabrics and leathers, to coexist within a single item. This versatility facilitates the creation of enchanting combinations tailored to individual tastes and price preferences. As a fusion of industry and craftsmanship, Arketipo stands as a beacon for those seeking exclusive, handcrafted furnishings that reflect the brand's dedication to personalized luxury and the enduring legacy of Florentine artistry.