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Manta Chaise Loungue

When you ask, "what should a modern chaise-longue look like?" the answer, it seems, is Manta. A composition of classical lines that take a life of their own in this stunning new design. Supported with an isometric sculpted frame it intelligently pierces the structure at specifically engineered points, making Manta float and accentuate all the lines of its developed structure

  • Details STRUCTURE: metal SEAT HEIGHT: 35 - 42 cm BASE: metal, finishes: titanium or brass or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey


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Arketipo Firenze, established in 1982, emerged from a passion for the quality of Florentine textile manufacturing, giving birth to upholstered furniture that seamlessly marries top-tier quality, meticulous attention to detail, and a vivid, timeless image. In 2011, Arketipo joined forces with Cattelan Italia, a global leader in furniture accessories.

Distinguished by an unwavering commitment to uniqueness, Arketipo serves a diverse consumer segment with impeccable taste, epitomizing bespoke creations. Lorenzo Cattelan emphasizes the brand's aspiration to make customers feel special, envisioning a clientele drawn to handmade products embodying the pinnacle of Florentine textile manufacturing.

Arketipo's hallmark lies in a high level of personalization, allowing diverse materials, including fabrics and leathers, to coexist within a single item. This versatility facilitates the creation of enchanting combinations tailored to individual tastes and price preferences. As a fusion of industry and craftsmanship, Arketipo stands as a beacon for those seeking exclusive, handcrafted furnishings that reflect the brand's dedication to personalized luxury and the enduring legacy of Florentine artistry.