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Platium Dining Table

Table with 15mm black painted glass top in the bright or satin version. 40mm bevelled edges on two sides of the top. Wooden base covered with 20mm natural polished Sahara Noir marble and “supermirror” bright stainless steel bottom plate. Also available with 15mm glass top and wooden base covered with 6mm painted glass in the colours black, blue grey or liquorice, in the bright or satin version or painted with the exclusive “Cashmere” brushed finish in the colours gold grey or anthracite.


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Gallotti & Radice

Since 1955, Gallotti&Radice has been at the forefront of marrying Italian design with ethereal glass, forging a legacy of visual excellence and enduring character. Pioneering the integration of glass in furniture during the early seventies, the brand's trend-setting approach underscores its unique advantage and cultural responsibility.

Gallotti&Radice's narrative unfolds as a seamless fusion of prestigious Italian design and the delicate beauty of glass. The resulting products, undeniably Made In Italy, exemplify greatness, marked by impeccable finishes and captivating forms that embody the essence of Italian character.

Gallotti&Radice's home and office furniture collections stand out for their knowledge of traditional techniques, high-quality workmanship, cutting-edge design, and the use of precious materials. A unique and dynamic brand, Gallotti&Radice consistently projects itself toward new scenarios, pushing the boundaries of elegance and sophistication through a fusion of imagination, craftsmanship, and design.