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Part of the Rondo collection from makers of fine Italian light fittings Metal Lux, this hanging light has a unique design. Seven clear pirex glass cylinders are grouped, in three tiers, around the four lamps. The framework is chrome plated, and the whole thing is suspended from a circular base in the ceiling.
  • Reference:Ø176319.00.40 Diameter:Ø40 cm Height:Ømax 130 cm Lighting:Ø4 x G9 /Ø75 W Finish:Øchrome plated Pirex glass diffuser


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Metal Lux

Celebrating 50 years of luminous history, Metal Lux stands proudly in the heart of the Veneto lighting district, where tradition meets innovation. Devoted to crafting lighting articles, the company adheres to a deep-seated lighting tradition and exclusively employs 100% Made in Italy raw materials throughout its production and distribution processes. 

Metal Lux's influence extends globally, maintaining a strong presence in major international markets. Since the 1970s, the company has been a consistent exhibitor at prestigious trade fairs within the sector. This steadfast commitment has allowed Metal Lux to continuously innovate and rejuvenate its offerings, creating high-quality, design-forward products with the collaboration of numerous highly skilled craftsmen.

In a region renowned for its rich history in lighting, Metal Lux stands as a beacon of Italian excellence, blending the legacy of craftsmanship with a commitment to cutting-edge design. As the company illuminates spaces worldwide, it remains dedicated to upholding the artistry and quality associated with the Veneto lighting tradition.