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Since 1975, Italamp has dedicated itself to crafting high-quality lighting solutions that adapt to transformations and diverse needs. Far beyond mere light objects, Italamp's lamps and creations are artistic masterpieces, epitomizing elegance and a unique style that has elevated the company to an internationally recognized symbol of Italian craftsmanship.

Italamp distinguishes itself through the use of top-quality materials and innovative design, drawing on nearly five decades of experience in glass and crystal processing. Each piece undergoes a manual manufacturing process, infusing originality and passion, where even imperfections become sources of beauty and value in the realm of craftsmanship.

The brand's philosophy, rooted in attention to detail, a quest for harmony, and a love for quality, defines Italamp's distinctive approach. The essence of Italamp is embodied in two key collections: Incanto and Opera. Incanto, born from collaborations with leading and emerging figures in the design world, showcases modern and contemporary styles through the limitless possibilities of glass. Meanwhile, Opera narrates 50 years of Italamp's history, representing a journey into the timeless Italian style and classic nuances of lighting.

Italamp's expertise extends beyond standard offerings, providing consultancy for custom items, blending modern industrial philosophy with diverse needs. From customizing catalogue products to intricate solutions for the contract sector, Italamp guides clients from initial design to delivery and installation, continually exploring alternative materials and technological innovations for cutting-edge products.