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BIBO Armchair

Unlimited seating comfort

Bibo is one of the most charming members of the Pode collection. It welcomes you with open arms and provides you with hours on end of comfortable seating. It is equipped with a solid swivel base with four legs, which looks good as well. And you can choose the exact version you want, just like all our other Pode products.

Rounded forms and straight lines

Its intriguing form with rounded shapes and straight horizontal lines makes Bibo inviting, sophisticated and distinctive. You can choose from one or two types of upholstery. And, of course, it comes with an optional matching footstool so you can put your feet up and enjoy all the generous comfort provided by Bibo.

Every possible combination

You can opt for leather or fabric in one colour, or maybe you'd prefer your Bibo in a unique combination that's a perfect match for your interior. And for the foot? You can choose from an abundance of epoxy and lacquer options.

Luxury furniture collections made in the Netherlands by Pode.

  • Armchair:
    84 cm wide / 85 cm deep / 83 cm high

    61 cm wide / 50 cm deep / 42 cm high


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Pode: Crafted Excellence Rooted in Leolux's Legacy.

Indulge in the enduring allure of Pode furniture, a testament to Leolux's 85 years of craftsmanship and expertise. Born in 2008 and flourishing in 2016, Pode, as a lifestyle brand, reflects the artistry overseen by Claire & Roderick Vos, Leolux's dedicated Art Directors.

Pode's commitment to quality is an extension of its 'mother ship,' Leolux, renowned for crafting high-quality design furniture. Each Pode product bears the imprint of decades of experience, ensuring a timeless and enduring appeal. The brand's philosophy extends beyond assembling collections; it strives to inspire customers to explore and define their unique style.

Established in 2008 and fully blooming in 2016, Pode has evolved into a pure lifestyle brand, boasting new designs, vibrant colors, and fabric collections. With a focus on Europe, Pode operates as a consumer brand, backed by a network of expert dealers worldwide. Every Pode product is meticulously produced to order by skilled craftsmen, embodying the essence of crafted excellence rooted in Leolux's enduring legacy.