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Biga Armchair 4Baat06

One space within another. Biga tells of a project made of courage, passion and imagination. The high-backed version is designed to minimise acoustic reverberation, while the wheeled version is an expression of movement, dynamism and continuous evolution.

The name of the product already reveals the shapes of this chair inspired by the Biga of the ancient Romans. An approach to the new project made with courage, imagination and a lot of passion. Behind the shapes hides a functional study of the acoustics and privacy that this chair preserves. The philosophy is to create its own space within the environment without isolating from it; to have its own privacy where to think, work and why not also relax, placed in the context in which people live. Biga was born with two heights where the greater one aims at privacy and acoustics and the other at the design object. Biga is not static in a space and in the version with castors can be easily moved. It is also available in the version with the glides. Biga can also be equipped with a tablet for devices.


    Biga, monochrome armchair, low version, with handle, on glides.
    STRUCTURE: 22 mm thick beech plywood, single shell.
    SEAT/BACKREST: padding in fire-retardant flexible polyurethane foam, sound absorption in the high version with internal alveolar structure.
    GLIDES: glides in black rigid polyurethane with steel insert.


    CHROME PLATED PARTS: Clean with a soft cloth with some neutral detergent to polish the steel.
    PAINTED PARTS: Clean with soft cloth dampened slightly with water and dry with a dry cloth.
    PLASTIC PARTS: Use soft cloth dampened slightly with water, without insistence, then dry with a dry cloth.
    ALUMINIUM PARTS: To clean use only specific products to polish metal parts in order to reduce the natural oxidation due to the hands contact. The aluminum parts tarnish naturally. LUXY recommends not using chemical detergents.
    FABRIC: Fabric: pour some drops of neutral detergent on a damp and wringed out cloth, rub gently on the seat and leave it dry. See maintenance instructions on LUXY upholstery book. Luxy recommends using ecological products.
    LEATHER: Leather is a natural product. Imperfections give to the material its unmistakable aspect. In presence of marks, they have to be removed with a soft wool cloth. In case of ingrained stains, use only products for leather coloured with aniline. Do not expose leather to direct sunlight. Luxy recommends using ecological products.


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