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Established in 1976, Luxy is an international company specializing in crafting designer seating for office and community environments, combining the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Rooted in the Veneto region's rich manufacturing tradition and abundant raw materials, Luxy embraces a centuries-old legacy, committing to producing products that anticipate and satisfy customers' evolving needs.

Luxy's production methods prioritize sustainability, leveraging the local supply chain and incorporating ergonomic solutions for comfort and functionality. The company's dedication extends to balancing taste, aesthetics, and modernity, ensuring a diverse and ever-evolving product offering.

Luxy aims to provide customers with a genuine experience, transcending mere furniture or workspace. Each product is a reflection of Luxy's history, showcasing a passion deeply rooted in Italian artisanal traditions and design principles. With a belief that comfort and craftsmanship drive creativity, Luxy seamlessly integrates sartorial expertise with technology, innovation, and sustainability.

Committing to the highest standards to minimize environmental impact, Luxy's products are crafted to last, reflecting a dedication to longevity and reducing ecological footprints. With a global presence in over 40 countries, Luxy's network of specialists ensures customer satisfaction, emphasizing ingenuity, passion, and curiosity in the creation of uniquely crafted seating solutions.