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Guadalupe Sofa

Unrivalled sense of freedom

Whether you are watching a film, browsing on your tablet or just thinking about new destinations: Guadalupe by Leolux is the ideal place for daydreaming. Relax, and be transported to the dream world you reverie takes you to.

Like gently rounded, colourful islands, the Guadalupe elements by Leolux enhance your interior. In a small setting like a sofa or in add-on variants which enable you to create any conceivable arrangement – from straight line to circle. Designs which reflect your own insights about the use of colour and conforming to the space you have available. The combination of unique forms and colour combinations make this a unique product which can be personalised completely with all the material options offered by Leolux. With varying seating depths to accommodate the life you lead.

Besides providing comfort and ornamental mini-sleds, Christian Werner gave his Guadalupe unique characteristics which constantly create the ultimate challenge for the craftspeople at Leolux: curves flowing naturally into each other and upholstery with a lovely touch of nonchalance. If desired, you can give your Guadalupe interesting colour combinations which provide unusual accents where the elements join.


  • Available as sofas and add-on elements, with two matching foot stools.
  • For each sofa or element, you choose one or two types of upholstery and/or colours.
  • The round forms ensure that the colour accents between two elements remain visible.
  • The polished aluminium mini-sleds enhance without being overly prominent. They are available as options in all Leolux lacquer and epoxy colours.

Red Dot Award

An international design jury has awarded the Guadalupe sofa programme a prestigious Red Dot Award.

  • Body: Solid beech and sheet material.
    Springs: seat Hard steel springs.
    Springs footstool: None.
    Top side, seat: 10 cm HR foam, 50 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Top side, seat footstool: 12 cm HR foam, 50 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Front side seat: 3 cm Polyether, 30 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Outside seat: 5 cm HR foam, 40 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Top side back: 3 cm Polyether, 30 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Front side back: 13 cm HR foam, 30 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Top side arm: 10 cm HR foam, 40 kg/m3, covering Leoskin
    Legs: Polished aluminium. Option: All Leolux epoxy and lacquer colours or RAL & Sikkens.
    Gliders: Felt.
    Castors footstool: Castors.
    Size option: Seat height + 2 cm (except footstool).
    Embroidery: The side of the back, the seat and the arm are finished with the Doppio‚ embroidery. Horizontally processed fabrics do not have decorative stitching on the seams of the seating cushions.
    Stitching: Upholsteries in leather or vertically processed fabrics have extra seams on the seat and the back, finished with double-stitch embroidery.

    Please note: In-between elements and corner units have two connection-sides. The connecting sofa and one-armed units have only one connection-side. These elements should always be combined with other units and are not designed as freestanding elements.


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