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Naila Sofa

Design: Hanne Willmann

Naila just invites you to sink into its embrace. The seat is a little lower and deeper for added relaxation – and if you appreciate attention to detail, this elegant design by Hanne Willmann will be right up your street. Naila’s interplay of lines catches your eye from every angle, its flowing ellipses giving the design an alluringly wavelike effect.

Stylish Feet:

Hanne Willmann has an exceptional eye for detail. The elegant, diagonally positioned wooden or aluminium feet are neatly outlined with the decorative saddle stitch that accentuates the corners.

  • The Naila programme consists of various sofas and an attractive range of additional elements. You can make simple 90-degree angles, or use asymmetrical elements to achieve excitingly different effects: for example one has a little twist that adds a note of fun to your interior.


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